QOTD: Name One Car Option You Wish Was Standard On Every Vehicle

More than ever before, the best features found within cars today are so advanced that they look and feel like future tech. We wonder though, which single feature should be on every single vehicle sold?

It’s easy to make an argument for something safety-focused. Most of the technology that we see in every single vehicle is safety-related like seat belts, airbags, and crumple zones. Today, though, digital technology has opened up the doorway to more active safety equipment. Most notably, cameras have all but eliminated traditional blind spots.

Honda used to offer a feature called LaneWatch which used a camera on the passenger-side mirror to show a live feed of that side of the car when the turn signal was activated. They’ve since discontinued it but Hyundai and Kia have picked up where Honda left off. Now they offer a similar feature that actually shows either the driver or the passenger lane depending on the turn signal selected.

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Of course, it could be argued that instead of a feature that the driver has to actively use, it should be a system like forward-collision mitigation or blind-spot systems that steer the vehicle back into its lane if they sense that a collision is imminent. Perhaps, though, it’s something less safety-related that you think deserves the nod on every vehicle.

When we get out of the safety world there are lots more options. Should every car come with integrated theft recovery of some sort? Maybe you’d prefer that every car have the ability to start and adjust its climate remotely. We could also see something like adaptive cruise control being a favorite as it’s both a safety and convenience feature. So, you tell us, which car option would you like to see standard on every vehicle?

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