Another color-changing phone is coming: Is this the next big trend?

Realme 9 Pro Color Changing Official


  • The Realme 9 Pro will feature a back panel with “Light Shift Design.”
  • This will cause the phone to look blue under certain lighting and look red under different conditions.
  • Realme’s sister company Vivo already used this effect in a phone. Is this the next big trend?

When you buy a smartphone, you almost always need to choose a colorway. Most phones come in the traditional black, but sometimes there are many fun colors from which to choose.

Under normal lighting conditions, the phones will look blue. Under the heavy sun (or UV light if you’re indoors), the phones will shift to a reddish color over the span of about five seconds. Realme says the color hues were inspired by the transition from a beautiful blue sky to a reddish sunset.

You can see how the effect will look in the simulated video below.

Realme 9 Pro series: Light Shift Design

Although this video likely makes it look cooler than it would in real life, this is a really neat effect. It certainly will make the Realme 9 Pro series stand out from other devices.

Do you want a color-changing smartphone?

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Speaking of which, the Vivo V23 and V23 Pro also have a similar effect. Vivo is a sister brand of Realme (and Oppo and OnePlus), so that makes a lot of sense. Could these brands unite to make this a new trend in the smartphone world? Are you even interested in color-changing effects such as these? Let us know in the poll above.

As far as what to expect from the Realme 9 Pro series in general, the phones should have mid-range chipsets from Qualcomm and MediaTek. Specs should generally be pretty good, but the devices will almost certainly not be flagships. You should also expect under-display fingerprint scanners.

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