Netflix reveals tip for decluttering your ‘Continue Watching’ row – CNET

Netflix reveals tip for decluttering your ‘Continue Watching’ row – CNET


Netflix subscribers can sweep away old content.

Claire Reilly/CNET

When you fire up Netflix, do you see way too many rows beckoning you for attention? There’s the Top 10 list designed to pique your curiosity, a trending section, your personal watchlist and the Continue Watching with telltale red bars. All those shows you started half-watching in 2020 are still sitting there, subtly reminding you that your viewing habits are slacking. 

Well, Netflix has granted us a way to clear out all the Continue Watching content from our shelves on more devices. In a blog post last week, Netflix said people can remove a TV show or movie from the Continue Watching row on all devices, including TVs. Previously this option was limited to web and mobile devices

How do you do it? On your TV screen, click on the title you want to delete and choose Remove from Continue Watching, which is denoted with an X. If you’re struck with regret, Netflix notes you can undo your remove by clicking the back arrow. 

Laptop users can navigate to the X icon on the tile for the content you want to clear out. It’s located next to the thumbs-down button. Click Remove from Row and Netflix may prompt you for feedback on why you’re deleting the show or film. That’s all there is to it. Don’t like the movie? Sweep it away. Keep falling asleep during every episode and you just want to give up? X it out. Thanks to the click of a button, it’s out with the old content and in with the new.

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