One-off Rolls-Royce Phantom Orchid has digitally printed silk art inside – Roadshow

The Phantom Orchid is beautiful.


Rolls-Royce’s latest one-off Phantom was commissioned by an unnamed client in Singapore, and its theme is centered on something never before used as inspiration for a Rolls before: orchid flowers. (Other types of flowers have been the focus of previous bespoke Rolls-Royces.) Designed over the course of two years, the Phantom Orchid is subtle and stunning, and Rolls-Royce says it “echoes the values of the Singapore region.”

The outside is finished in a custom paint that uses Rolls’ Arctic White color as a base. A slight violet tint was added, as were tiny glass particles that give the paint a pearlescent effect. There’s a single olive-colored coachline that runs from the peak of the front fender to the rear door, with a hand-painted orchid motif placed just forward of the front doors. Otherwise the exterior of the Phantom Orchid is fairly standard — at least as standard as a Phantom can get.

This took over 200 hours.


Sadly Rolls-Royce didn’t release any full photos of the interior, which features a mix of Grace White, Havana and Smoke Grey leather with Dark Olive stitching to give the vibe of an orchid sanctuary. The Piano Black picnic tables on the front seatbacks have silver inlays with an orchid design, while the treadplates on the door sills have colorful orchid illustrations.

The Phantom Orchid’s centerpiece is in the Gallery display in the car’s dashboard behind a pane of glass. Rolls-Royce worked with artist Helen Amy Murray on a bespoke piece of silk art that is the result of over 200 hours of work between Murray and her team of six other artists. Murray first illustrated the design, then created a digital version that was printed onto the silk crepe satin. Then she hand-sculpted the flowers, layering the printed silk to give the piece a beautiful 3D effect.

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