Telegram’s Latest Update Brings Better Reactions, Video Stickers, and More

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Telegram released its latest update with a slew of features such as video stickers, improved reactions, as well as new navigation options, to name a few. The messaging app has also added five new emojis to its repertoire with Telegram version 8.5.

Video Stickers and Interactive Emojis

With the latest update, Telegram will let you create animated stickers from regular videos. This means you no longer need to use specialized software such as Adobe Illustrator to make your own stickers. Moreover, you can even publish your sticker packs with the @Stickers bot.Telegram Unseen reactions

Telegram Unseen reactions

The app has also made its reactions compact, and lets you view a larger version by pressing down on the reaction in the menu. They also get a read status, marked by a ♡ for reactions that haven’t been viewed yet. That’s not all, the app also gets five new emojis — 🥰

🥰🤯🤔🤬👏. Furthermore, you can add more oomph to your emojis with animation effects.

Telegram Interactive Emoji

Chat Navigation and Bug Fixes  

The latest Telegram update has made navigation easier by letting you hold down the ‘Back’ button to return to a specific chat. Opening chats from usernames, profiles, links, and messages adds them to the list of options.

The company says that it has fixed various bugs with the app, leading to better call quality and support for translation to bios on iOS. Additionally, you can also share silent messages from the sharing menu. Silent messages let you send any message or media without notification sounds by simply holding the Send button. iOS users can also check out new animations by tapping icons in the tab bar.

These cool new features make Telegram an attractive alternative to iMessage. Which messaging app do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

Download: Telegram 8.5

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