YouTube is changing its look on mobile for easier access to comment and share buttons – CNET

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YouTube is making it easier to comment, like and share videos on mobile — but only if you’re in landscape mode.


YouTube has revamped the full-screen interface on its mobile app, making it easier for people to comment on and share what they’re watching by giving direct access to those buttons.

The updates began rolling out on both Android and iOS devices this week, according to YouTube head of product communications Mariana de Felice. They include the ability to like, dislike, share and add videos to playlists and view comments, all while in full-screen mode.

Previously, you had to swipe up on the “more videos” section of the screen to reach those options.

Another feature of the new interface: Suggested videos are now tucked away in a collapsible box.

The dislike button no longer indicates how many people have voted down a given video, a change YouTube began testing last year

Earlier this month, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said the public dislike counter was often abused, “which means it’s not always an accurate way to select videos to watch.”

While automatic, the changeover is being released gradually and isn’t available to all users yet.  

In addition, the makeover is only for landscape mode: The user experience in portrait mode remains the same. 

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