2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Configurator Is Live: Show Us Your Build

2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Configurator Is Live: Show Us Your Build

The answer is always Miata or so the saying goes and for 2022 it looks like the small Mazda sports car is still a great choice. The configurator for Mazda’s ever-so slightly updated MX-5 just went live and it lets us build the perfect puddle jumper. Here’s what we’ve found and how we’d spec our own MX-5 Miata.

The 2022 edition of the MX-5 sees just a few notable changes over its 2021 model year. First and foremost, for the eight folks out there willing to be sacrilegious by purchasing a Miata with an automatic transmission, you’ll have to go for the top-spec Grand Touring trim and pay an additional $500 or $550 depending on which roof you pick. Why the top you choose matters we can’t say but it’s nice to see a trim level named ‘Grand Touring’ and a specific feature like an automatic transmission make sense for once.

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In addition, Kinematic Posture Control is making its debut in the 2022 Miata. No, it won’t keep your shoulders back and your chin up, instead, it will use the brakes on the inside of a turn to help the car corner tighter and flatter. There’s also a new exterior color called Platinum Quartz Metallic and a new ‘Terracotta’ Nappa leather upholstery.

Three trims are available for 2022 including Sport, Club, and the aforementioned Grand Touring. In practice, options are a bit limited. If you buy a MX-5 in red, you’re stuck with a black leather interior. If you want a blue MX-5, you must buy the Club trim level. So in fact, that’s the one we’d go for but in red, and we’d skip the only real design option, MX-5 door sill plates.

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What we would splurge for is the Brembo/BBS Recaro package which is pricy at $4,500. It adds heated Recaro seats, a full aero kit including side sill extensions and a rear bumper skirt, as well as 17-inch BBS wheels, and Brembo brakes up front with red calipers. If we had picked the Club RF with its hardtop this package would already be included. The Grand Touring trim is cool but we love having a bit more cash in the bank for aftermarket fun.

Head over to Mazda’s U.S. site and configure your own 2022 MX-5 roadster here and the MX-5 hardtop convertible here. and show us your builds below.

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