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Three of the non-fungible animals available for purchase from the World Wildlife Fund Germany.

World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund UK launched a line of NFTs called “non-fungible animals,” or NFAs, this week.

Digital art of 13 endangered animals has been created, and each NFA is limited to that species’ population. That means there are two Northern white rhinos and about 1,800 Giant panda NFAs available. Other animals include the Amur leopard, the vaquita and the African wild dog. 

The WWF said proceeds from each NFA goes towards “vital conservation work across the globe … We’re helping to safeguard our most cherished wildlife – including magnificent rhinos, leopards and gorillas — from threats such as poaching and habitat loss.”

The WWF Germany previously released NFAs and raised about €244,899 ($280,000) through its sales.

Non-fungible tokens have come under fire in the past for their environmental impact. The WWF said its NFAs are on the environmentally friendly Polygon blockchain, which is a side-chain of Ethereum. But Dr Catherine Flick, senior researcher in computing and social responsibility at De Montfort University, tweeted, “Polygon is not an eco-friendly blockchain.”

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