Maserati Launches Fuoriserie Customization Program For U.S. And Canadian Customers

Maserati Launches Fuoriserie Customization Program For U.S. And Canadian Customers

Traditionally, the aftermarket sector has served the customization corner but now manufacturers are tapping into the segment and Maserati is the latest to take the leap. The brand has just opened up a customization program called Fuoriserie to North America, giving customers the opportunity to make a totally unique one-off vehicle all their own straight from the factory.

Fuoriserie, which means “custom-built” in Italian, is available on all 2022 Maserati models for the first time in the USA and Canada, nearly two years after the company first launched it in select European markets. Buyers start by choosing one of three different collections, each with its own unique features available to choose from.

Corse is the first and it’s heavily focused on the racing heritage of Maserati. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be shocking to see the famous Birdcage Livery featured on the Ghibli Trofeo as shown in the lead image. The brands Unica and Futura collections are demonstrated with a Quattroporte Trofeo and a Levante Trofeo.

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Once you’ve picked a specific collection, you’ll have the chance to specify exactly which additional styling touches you’d prefer. Each of the three uses the same wheel combinations but paint colors, brake caliper colors, and interior options differ depending on the initial collection choice.

The Ghibli shown off by Maserati features big 21-inch wheels and a custom interior while the Levante gets more extreme with an Orange Zest exterior paint and 22-inch wheels. In our time with the customizer, it was easy to see how Maserati allows buyers to make their car unique.

There are even ways to add custom upholstery with Maserati script on it should one want to. Maserati dealers will help prospective owners go even further than the online portal will allow though, allowing for the creation of truly “one-of-a-kind” vehicles.

It should also be noted that this program has been available overseas long before now, but this is the first chance for North American customers to take part in it. Maserati also noted that they’re building a new “car tailoring” shop at its headquarters in Modena, Italy. This follows in the footsteps of many other brands around the world including some in the backyard of Maserati including Lamborghini and Ferrari who both offer bespoke programs.

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