Super73 Produces One-Off E-Bike In Tribute To Ducati Motorcycles

California’s Super73, a lifestyle brand that produces electric bicycles, has created a one-off custom model to celebrate the history of Ducati.

Starting with a paint scheme that draws heavy inspiration from the Italian motorcycle manufacturer‘s racing efforts, it combines a red frame with gold detailing on the chainring bolts, the pedals, and the front forks. The forks were also polished and brushed before anodizing to emulate the iconic Kashima coating. Anti-slip fabric with delicate red piping continues the color scheme onto the seat.

To ensure that it can stop effectively, too, Super73 has fitted the bike with Magura MT5 four-piston brakes with a 203 mm disc at the front and a 180 mm disc at the back. It also gets Blain handlebars and Tropper tires, while the wheel gets a reimagined version of the classic Ducati logo.

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Although the brand doesn’t make it explicit in its press release, it looks like a Super73-ZX, which is powered by a 615Wh battery and has a 35-mile range. In stock configuration, it retails for $2,195.

“Designed to pay our respects to a name that has set the standard for motorbike racing since 1926,” wrote Super73 in a statement. “Italian racing has stood head and shoulders above the rest and Ducati Corse has been the driving force behind that. As such, SUPER73 has created a homage to the legendary bikes that have paved the way and burned rubber all in the name of racing for racing’s sake.”

Super73 was founded in 2016 and works to fuse motorcycle heritage and youth culture with its products. In the past, it has created electric bicycles inspired by Hot Wheels and the Porsche 935 that claimed victory at Le Mans in 1979.

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