Tesla Must Recall 817,000 Cars For Software Glitch Blocking Seat Belt Chime

Tesla Must Recall 817,000 Cars For Software Glitch Blocking Seat Belt Chime

The software engineers at Tesla are working overtime as another recall has been initiated in the company’s vehicles. This time, a software glitch may prevent the seat belt chime from sounding on start-up in 817,143 of its vehicles.

The chime is only affected in certain circumstances on startup, so once a vehicle exceeds 14 mph (22 km/h), it will tell you to put your seat belt on regardless of this fault. However, all vehicles are required to have an audible seat belt reminder upon vehicle start, according to FMVSS 208, S7.3 (a)-(1).

The glitch affects certain model year 2021-2022 Models S and X, as well as all Models 3 and Y. The software error only happens in limited circumstances, per NHTSA documents, when the chime was interrupted in the preceding drive cycle and the seat belt was not buckled subsequent to that interruption. The regulator offers the example of a driver exiting the vehicle while the chime was active and then returning to the vehicle, creating a new drive cycle and in so doing confusing the car.

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First Noticed In Korea

Neither NHTSA nor Tesla is aware of any injuries related to this error but rules are rules. The glitch was first recorded by South Korea’s Automobile Testing and Research Institute on January 6, 2022, which brought it to Tesla’s attention. By the 10th, Tesla’s team had investigated the issue, and by the 25th they had determined noncompliance and determined that a recall was necessary.

The automaker has released a firmware update to correct the issue. The update was available to Model 3 and Y drivers on January 27 and on January 28th for Model S and X owners, so no further action is required from them.

Earlier this week, Tesla issued a separate recall on vehicles equipped with the FSD Beta, whose programming allowed vehicles to roll themselves through stop signs. That recall affected 54,000 vehicles.

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