This cheap cell phone plan deal scores you two months of service for just $22 – CNET


Shopping for a decent unlimited data plan for your phone can sometimes feel like you’re looking for a needle in a giant haystack filled with hidden monthly fees and speed caps. Especially if you’re only looking at the major carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile. Visible is a low-cost alternative for an unlimited data plan, and right now it’s even more affordable. When you sign up using the promo code 2FOR22 you’ll get two months of unlimited data for just $22 total, which means $11 a month. Normally, this would set you back $40 a month, or $80 for the two month period. 

So, what is Visible? Similar to Cricket Wireless or Boost Mobile, Visible is a low-cost offshoot of Verizon that uses the same network. But unlike its parent company, sign-up and payment for Visible are all handled through a companion app, so there’s no in-store sign-up or online portal, and most importantly, there’s no contract either. Visible is a prepaid service, so you can cancel your plan at any time without any penalties or fees. And if you’re looking for coverage for more than one phone, Visible’s Party Pay is a great way to help bring the monthly cost down even further. Unfortunately, not every phone works with Visible’s network, so be sure to check this phone compatibility checker before you sign-up.

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