This Homemade Bugatti Chiron Replica Is Admittedly A Rather Impressive Effort

This Homemade Bugatti Chiron Replica Is Admittedly A Rather Impressive Effort

Popular YouTuber’s NHẾT TV have just completed work on a homemade Bugatti Chiron that took a full year to make a reality.

We have featured the work of NHẾT TV in the past, including when they crafted a Lamborghini Aventador replica out of steel and cardboard a couple of years ago. They have been working on this Chiron in their backyard for the last year and it has now finally been completed.

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A detailed 45-minute YouTube video shows all of the hard work that went into making this Chiron replica look as impressive as it does. The initial shape of the French hypercar was crafted by hand using clay before it was covered in a mud-like fiberglass material and held together with a complex steel framework. Once all the clay had been removed from the inside, care was then taken to finalize the fiberglass exterior.

While the YouTubers were crafting the exterior, they also built a steel spaceframe with a small engine to power the car. It even features push-rod suspension.

Extensive work was also done to mimic the Chiron’s interior before the car was taken to a paint shop. It was then coated in a combination of black and blue paint, just like the Chiron’s original launch colors.

The finished product is quite remarkable and it even features fully functional LED daytime running lights. Sure, the proportions are not perfect but as home-built supercar replicas get, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that is more impressive than this.

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