Tuned 355 HP Toyota GR Yaris Laps The Tsukuba Circuit Faster Than A Nissan GT-R Nismo

The Toyota GR Yaris is already an incredibly capable car on the track, and modifying it only makes it more so. Case in point is this tuned GR Yaris, which can be seen lapping the famed Tsukuba Circuit in Japan at blistering speed.

How blistering, you may ask? The Yaris was able to complete a lap of the circuit in 58.573 seconds, or 0.788 seconds quicker than the official time posted by the Nissan GT-R Nismo back in 2019.

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There aren’t many details on the Yaris’s modifications, but based on some information from its Time Attack page, the car is pushing 355 hp (360 PS / 265 kW), or 87 hp (88 PS / 65 kW) more than stock. The page also mentions it rides on 265 mm tires compared to the stock 225 mm ones, and according to the video, they’re semi-slicks, which would increase grip even more on top of the added width. Additionally, based on what’s visible and audible in the video, apart from the engine mods, we’d imagine it also has new suspension, new wheels, and added aero.

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And sure, this car weighs 1,109 lb (503 kg) less than a GT-R Nismo, but it’s also down three cylinders and 245 hp (248 PS / 183 kW) even in its modified state, which makes it all the more impressive in our books. But when setting lap times like this, it’s not just about power-to-weight ratios and handling dynamics, it’s also about driving skill. And there’s plenty of that on display in the video as Garage G-FORCE, the car’s builders, push the GR Yaris to its absolute limits around the 1.271-mile (2.045-km track).

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