US Judge Rejects Lawsuit Over iPhone Water Resistance Claims

iPhone Water Resistance

On Wednesday, a US federal judge dismissed a class action lawsuit that accused Apple of misleading users over iPhone’s water resistance. Apple’s advertisements claim that iPhones can withstand damage when submerged under or exposed to water, including that some models can survive depths of up to four meters for half an hour. The plaintiffs alleged that its false advertisements let the company charge twice as much for iPhones than the cost of “average smartphones.”

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote admitted that the claims appeared to be misleading. However, the plaintiffs were not able to furnish proof that their iPhones were damaged by “liquid contact.” The judge found no proof of fraud, or that the plaintiffs relied on false marketing statements when purchasing their iPhones.

A lawyer representing the plaintiffs conveyed that they were disappointed with the court’s verdict. They haven’t decided yet whether to appeal the judgement.

The US court has let Apple off the hook over water resistance claims, but Italy’s Antitrust Authority wasn’t as lenient. Back in 2020, the Italian watchdog fined Apple 10 million euro ($12 million) over misleading claims about the water-resistance capabilities of iPhones. It noted that the company’s marketing claims did not clarify whether the claims only held true during controlled laboratory tests, with the use of static and pure water, and not under normal conditions.

Italy’s Antitrust Authority also slapped Apple with a fine for not covering liquid damage on iPhones, despite marketing the water-resistance of the device. According to the regulator, this stood in the way of consumer rights and breached Italy’s Consumer Code.

Apple says that water and dust resistance can reduce over time with regular wear. Apple’s warranty does not include liquid damage, so you should shield your expensive device from water as much as possible.

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