You can now 3D-print your Wordle score and wear it around your neck – CNET

You can now 3D-print your Wordle score and wear it around your neck – CNET

wordle score badge in hand

This small plaque will show everyone your big brain. 

Kriswillcode at PrusaPrinters

If there’s one thing 3D printers are good for, it’s making silly objects that reflect the latest fads. Take hit online word game Wordle. A user of Prusa Printers, a repository for 3D models, has taken the social aspect of the game and brought it into the physical world using a 3D printer. If you download kriswillcode‘s model and print the required pieces, you can slip your score on a lanyard and wear it for all to see.

In case you’ve been avoiding social media the last couple of months, it’s become a social event to post your daily Wordle score on Twitter or Facebook. My timelines, like the world’s, are filled with friends tweeting about how hard or easy they found the day’s word while ensuring they don’t spoil it for anyone else.

wordle score badge in partswordle score badge in parts

All of the pieces you need to print are very simple and require no supports.

Kriswillcode at PrusaPrinters

You can easily print this thing in any material you have on hand, though if you want it to be accurate some yellow, green and black filament would be best. The two main parts — the front and back — will print flat on the build plate, and you only need one of each. But you will need to print a collection of the cubes if you want to depict your Wordle score accurately.

The designer suggests 15 cubes of each color to give you plenty, even if you have a bad day and don’t get the word until the final guess. Once you put in the cubes — in reverse order as they go in the back — you can slide the rear plate into place to keep it secure. Once you have it all assembled, clip it onto your lanyard, and you are ready to go.

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An alternative to this multipart model may be coming soon as Twitter user and software developer Vicky Somma has created a clever piece of code that outputs her Wordle score to an STL file. An STL is the file type you need to 3D print something, making it easy to quickly get it on your 3D printer. This second model is designed to let you pause the print and change the color, so you print the different cubes needed to show off your score. Vicky hasn’t made the code public yet, but she’s working on it.

Now that The New York Times has bought Wordle, we can expect it to be around a long time. Having a physical representation of your time playing the game might be nice so future generations can see that even small things can capture the imagination in a big way. Plus, isn’t it nice to show off a little sometimes? 

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