You told us: Most of you want a new tablet this year, but Android or iPad?

You told us: Most of you want a new tablet this year, but Android or iPad?

Samsung Tab S6 tablet in hand screen

The tablet industry has seen something of a mini-revival during the pandemic. As more people seek compact slates to use for work from home purposes or the downtime in between, demand for these products remains pretty high. But can that be said for our readers?

We asked our audience in a recent poll whether they’re on the hunt for a tablet this year. Here’s how they answered.

Do you plan to buy a tablet in 2022?


This hugely popular poll amassed more than 7,800 votes since it went live on January 31. There were five options to choose from, and it seems that most readers are indeed on the lookout for a new tablet.

Just over 80% of readers are indeed planning to purchase a tablet in 2022. Considering the sheer number of answers we received on this poll, that’s a considerable amount of potential tablet buyers. But which OS are they looking for? Well, 44.7% of readers are specifically looking for an Android tablet, while 11.8% prefer iPads. Just under 24% of readers would take either-or but aren’t convinced either way just yet.

Notably, an additional 8.1% are in the “maybe” camp, not immediately sure if 2022 is the year they’ll add a new tablet to their collection. Finally, only 11.5% of readers claimed that they would not buy a tablet this year.

Your comments

  • Tom DeFigueiredo: I can’t believe how much people spend on things. I got my tablet from Amazon Fire for $64.99 on Black Friday. I downloaded the Google Play Store and I’m very happy.
  • Neon Wraze: Yep, I’m planning to buy a Galaxy Tab A7 this year, for me, iPads are not ok for people who just want a device that communicates well with people. I’m not hating on Apple in any way, both companies are good.
  • Shiva: Already bought two tablets: s7+ and S7; one in 2021 and one just now. No more for now.
  • Shizuma: Yes, getting to the point of needing to replace my aging Galaxy Tab S3, will probably wait for the Tab S8 to come out and then look for deals on the S7. Keep hoping Samsung would go back to making an 8/8.4″ tablet since that’s my ideal size, but they seem to want to keep making them more and more ridiculously large.
  • CommentatusMaximus: I’m more interested in Chrome OS tablets since they get updates from Google directly and for much longer.
  • Major Sceptic: I already have an iPad Air, and it’s a good size handy tablet, but I wouldn’t mind having the bigger 12.9 inch M1 model with the magic keyboard, and use the little one for family duties.
  • DBS: No. And even if I did, it would be a Surface Pro. Never ever an Android tablet.
  • Arun Topez: Forgot Windows and ChromeOS in that poll. Windows has a growing tablet/convertible market share.
  • Painfully_Candid: I have a perfectly good Surface Pro 7 AND Surface Pro 6. If I needed a new tablet it would be along the same lines.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. Do you have any thoughts about the poll results or which tablet you might buy in 2022? Drop a comment below.

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