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If the old adage is true, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. (Certainly checks out for this guy.) If you’re looking to woo your boo with something delicious, you have options. Oh boy, do you have options! Yep, you can score some pretty romantic Valentine’s Day food and drink gifts in 2022; I’m talking pink tequila, heart-shaped steak dinners and lots and lots of decadent sweets. The sprawling internet, coupled with some advanced shipping techniques, means you can have lobster ravioli shipped in from Maine or iconic chocolate babka hauled over from the Carnegie Deli in New York.

Whether your valentine has an insatiable sweet tooth or is more of the savory-seeking sort, here are some great-tasting gifts to give this Valentine’s Day.   

Codigo 1530 Tequila

Tequila drinkers know their blanco, reposado and aged anejo, but Codigo Tequila has dropped a pink tequila rosa that makes a perfect tipple for Valentine’s Day. 

The Rosa is as clean and smooth as it is pretty and works for mixing or sipping over ice. It is aged just one month so it drinks like silver but gets its rest in cabernet French white oak wine barrels to get a hit of vino and lovely pinkish hue. 

Lobster Anywhere

Thanks to Lobster Anywhere, you and your loved one can enjoy a memorable multicourse meal at home and avoid that obnoxious Valentine’s Day tax that restaurants love to levy. Not surprisingly, the main event is a pair of live Maine lobsters — the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for replicating that classic awkwardly romantic Annie Hall crustacean confrontation — with creamy clam chowder to start and Harbor Sweets‘ gourmet chocolate candy rounding out this classic New England seafood feast. This is the romantic gift for the valentine who loves lobsters.

For a more modest $35 you can order a pound of freshly made lobster ravioli. No shell crackers necessary. 

Cotes de Roses

Rosé is already an easy Valentine’s Day win, but this Cote des Roses rosé with a rose-shaped bottle bottom takes things a step further. The wine itself is from Languedoc in the south of France, with “notes of raspberry and peony.” Best of all, the bottle takes on the appearance of a rose. Sneak one upside down nestled into a dozen roses for a charming presentation.


For the cheese lover you love, this is my gift box pick. Membership to the Curdbox club nets you a monthly package of three different cheeses and three specially curated goodies to pair with them. The cheeses they choose are in the crowd-pleasing zone and not overly intense, so this makes an excellent gift for even a novice cheese taster.

My first Curdbox delivery included 4 ounces each of an incredible Paraire Breeze cheddar, a creamy cow’s milk Toma by Point Reyes and a slightly crumble cow and goat milk cheese from Central Coast Creamery. Plus, a jar of cherry spread, positively addicting sweet potato chips and a bag of crunchy craft popcorn. All this for $50 a delivery (or $48 if you prepay for three months) is a solid price considering everything you get.

KC Cattle Co.

Wagyu is about as richly marbled and flavorful as steak gets. This Denver cut Wagyu (Wagyu is any one of four Japanese cattle breeds) is pretty affordable, comparatively. Nab a few 7-ounce steaks for Valentine’s Day from KC Cattle Co., fire up the cast iron and make it a very special evening. 

To be clear, this beef comes from Kansas City but the cut is a “Denver” steak. That means comes from the ⁠center of the chuck under the blade.

Sur La Table

Preparing a meal with your partner is sure to heat things up. But if your technique needs some improvement, consider gifting a cooking class at Sur La Table, which has more than 100 locations in the US. There are multiple classes available every month covering everything from French desserts to cast-iron cooking techniques, but be sure to keep an eye out for its signature “date night” options, which are especially geared toward couples. If you’re looking for “Galentine’s Day” ideas, online baking classes such as Raspberry Macarons or British Baking could be perfect gift options. For the pandemic, Sur La Table has online cooking classes and “make and take” classes.

Bean Box

If your partner is a chocolate lover, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. A piece of great chocolate alongside some rich coffee is about as indulgent as it gets. For $30, BeanBox will send you four samplings of each specially curated to be enjoyed together. The package includes four coffees (1.8 ounces of each) plus four culinary-inspired chocolate bars — a mix of dark and chocolate – with tasting notes to enhance the experience.

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If your significant other hearts steak, then this 2.5-pound (40-ounce) slab of heart-shaped meat will make them smile — and drool. The complete dinner from Chesapeake Bay Gourmet includes a USDA Prime black Angus “Sweetheart Ribeye,” two savory classic French potato au gratin dauphinoise and two rich molten chocolate lava cakes. 

Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Deli is about as famous as delis get. It has pastrami and corned beef in spades but it doesn’t slouch on desserts either. For Valentine’s Day, you can nab a sampler of two babkas, two mini cheesecakes and two black and white cookies for $89. The Sweetheart ships nationwide.

Veuve Clicquot

Champagne is always a good bet for a celebration, but rosé champagne is particularly appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Veuve Clicquot’s version can’t be beaten, a bubbly blend of red and white wine that is fruity and full-bodied. If you can find the 2008 vintage, opt for that.

The price varies on Drizly based on your local shops.


Petrossian is among the most recognized purveyors of caviar in the world, so if you’re looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day food splurge, it has you covered. This luxury gift set is perfect for couples, complete with two mother-of-pearl caviar spoons, a pair of vodka flutes and, of course, a tin of the good stuff with several options to choose from (if money is no object, opt for the Royal Ossetra).

If you want to keep it simpler and slightly more budget-friendly, a two-person serving of Osserta is only $201.


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