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Blue Origin’s New Shepard launches from Texas.

Blue Origin

Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Blue Origin have all sent civilian astronauts to space in the past year, but we haven’t yet been able to follow along on any of these journeys in full in real time. 

Now, one of the commercial astronauts from the most recent crewed Blue Origin flight has shared the next best thing: footage of the entire experience from liftoff to touchdown of the capsule. 

Colorado-based investor and executive Dylan Taylor flew on one of the company’s New Shepard rockets in December along with TV host and former NFL star Michael Strahan, investors Evan Dick and Lane Bess, Bess’ son Cameron and Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of first American in space Alan Shepard, who is also the vehicle’s namesake.

The crew only spent about 15 minutes total off the ground during the mission, dubbed NS-19. The below video shows the group enjoying both the view of Earth and a moment of weightlessness while tossing miniature footballs around the cabin. It also captures the preparations for launch and the group reflecting on their experience while waiting for Blue Origin support staff to reach them following touchdown. 

Previous launches and media coverage have featured mostly live footage of the exterior of the vehicle shot from the ground with some snippets from the cabin. 

New Shepard’s flight profile is a basic flight up to the edge of space, followed by a return back to the ground for a soft landing with the help of multiple parachutes. It’s a much shorter trip than what passengers in a SpaceX Crew Dragon might experience. That vehicle recently took members of the Inspiration4 crew on a multiple day journey in orbit.

Blue Origin is planning its next crewed flight for some time in 2022, but no details have been announced just yet. 

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