Wondering how many Pixel phones are in use out there? Here’s an estimate.

Google Pixel 6 Pro and Google Pixel 6 camera housings

Robert Triggs / Android Authority


  • Google’s Security Hub app may have given us a rough estimate of how many Pixel phones are in use right now.
  • As per the app’s Play Store listing, there could be millions of modern Pixel phones currently out there.
  • The app is exclusive to Google phones running Android 12.

Google doesn’t share Pixel sales numbers. That’s why when CEO Sundar Pichai recently disclosed that the company saw record phone sales in the last quarter, no one had a clue how many units were actually sold. Now, thanks to one of Google’s own apps, we might have a rough idea of how many Pixel phones are floating about in the hands of consumers.

According to the Play Store listing of the Security Hub app (h/t 9to5Google), there could be at least 10 million Pixel phones in use right now.

10 million installs of the app show that there could be as many Android 12 Pixel phones in use right now, including all the ones mentioned above. Of course, this isn’t the exact number of Pixel phones ever sold or currently in use.

In November 2021, the Security Hub app clocked in 5 million installs after its wider rollout. Given that the number has doubled in almost three months shows that people are using more Pixel phones and that this growth is possibly fueled by the Pixel 6 series that launched in late October.

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