Some Ford Maverick Owners Report Decals Peeling Off In Car Wash

A small number of Ford Maverick owners have posted to the forum about an annoying issue that sees the decals peeling off of their new trucks.

A series of photos show a number of decals on multiple vehicles, including “FX4” decals and side stripes, peeling off the trucks. Although there appears to be no greater damage, the owners are still annoyed.

“Went through the local car wash today, 3rd time since I got the Mav,” wrote forum user pjlawton. “Happened to look on the passenger side and noticed that half of the First Edition Trim was gone…. Very cheap stuff they put on there.”

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In an update, the forum user posted that his local dealer offered to order replacement decals for the truck, but they opted to just remove them altogether instead.

“BTW, the decals are crap. The detail man took a thumb nail and pulled it out and ripped off a big chuck [sic]. Very thin junk,” wrote pjlawton. “I also had them remove the hood decals too, to me it actually looks better.”

Although it’s unclear precisely what kind of car wash the owners took their vehicles, it doesn’t seem like too much to ask to have the decals stand up to the pressure of any public car wash. It’s easy, therefore, to understand these customers’ frustration.

We have reached out to Ford for more information on this issue and will update this post when we receive an answer.

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