Watch A Guy Somehow Stop A Car From Rolling Into Parked Vehicles

Watch A Guy Somehow Stop A Car From Rolling Into Parked Vehicles

The nice thing about Europe is that a lot of drivers still use a manual transmission. The bad thing about that is that sometimes cars with manual transmission keep rolling after you’ve left them if you’ve been careless.

But one man in the U.K. was able to step in before a crash occurred and stop a Seat Ibiza that was rolling backward into a line of parked vehicles. To be clear, what he did was a very bad idea, like reaching out to grab a falling knife, but in succeeding he looked pretty badass.

The man can be seen walking away from the car in the very early part of the video before, apparently, realizing that he hadn’t left it in gear or pulled the parking brake.

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The driver then runs back to the Ibiza and starts pushing it. He’s forced back a few times and he gets a little help from a well-placed speed bump, but he does eventually manage to slow it to a stop before holding it in place.

A kind passerby, it seems, then gets in and pulls the handbrake, putting an end to the car’s attempted runaway.

Despite this ending with no one harmed, it can’t be stated enough how much of a bad idea it is to get between two cars that are on a collision course. It sucks to have to pay for an accident but it would suck even more to be run over, which could have easily happened here. Still, though, this man’s feat was pretty impressive.

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