Sink your teeth into Dylan’s Candy Bar for 20% off – CNET

Photos by Dylan’s Candy Bar/Composite by Robin Mosley/CNET

We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day, and there are some great offers out there to celebrate. Dylan’s Candy Bar sale features a variety of tasty treats that are perfect for the sweet tooth in your life. To commemorate Valentine’s Day, select chocolate and candy is currently on sale for 20% off when you use the code LOVE20

The tricky thing about this deal is that today might be the final day. Yesterday marked the “end” of the weekend sale, but I just tried the offer code and was able to purchase candy at a discount. If you want to anything from Dylan’s Candy Bar, I’d get it today.

What makes this sale stand out is the unconventional and cool packaging that’s different from the standard heart-shaped designs. There are also candies shaped like roses, takeout boxes and more that would make anyone smile. 

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