South African Transforms A Toyota MR2 Into An 850 HP Monster

South African Transforms A Toyota MR2 Into An 850 HP Monster

A South African man by the name of Pieter Zellie has created what would be one of the very finest Toyota MR2 Spyder race cars in existence.

Zellie’s incredible MR2 started out life just like any other. While he says it is an excellent sports car from the factory, it lacks power. As such, his car now features a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 with a large turbocharger that helps it churn out no less than 850 hp. This power is sent exclusively through the rear wheels.

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While speaking with about the car, Zellie reveals he was able to win the most recent edition of the Knysna Simola Hillclimb with his MR2. What made this win particularly special was the fact that all previous winners of the event, with the exception of one, have been all-wheel drive.

It’s not just a powerful engine that makes this Toyota so fast. Significant time has been dedicated to creating custom bodywork and aerodynamic components to ensure the car sticks to the pavement. Among the most obvious aerodynamic aids include the pronounced front splitter and the towering rear wing but there are also some harder-to-see parts that benefit the aero, including a completely flat floor made exclusively from carbon fiber and Kevlar.

For as impressive as the car is in its current form, Zellie isn’t finished with the MR2. During this clip, he reveals that research and development have already started on making the car even quicker than it already is. Among the plans are an upgraded aerodynamics package and changes to extract more power out of the turbocharged V6 engine.

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