Become an expert on anything for just $89 with this lifetime learning bundle – CNET

Become an expert on anything for just $89 with this lifetime learning bundle – CNET


Looking to develop some new skills to give you a leg up at your job, or maybe even try out a new line work altogether? Coding, web design and IT support skills are always in demand, and these days you don’t need to spend years at an expensive university to get the training you need. Online courses are a convenient and accessible alternative, and right now they’re affordable, too. Now through Feb. 14 at StackSocial, you can sign up for the Stone River and StackSkills lifetime learning bundle, with thousands of hours of online learning content from experts around the globe, for just $89. 

This bundle includes unlimited lifetime access to two different online learning programs. The first is Stone River, with over 800 courses and 4,800 hours of content geared toward teaching a variety of tech-based skills. You can browse the entire course catalog here, which covers everything from mobile development to graphic design to learning coding languages like CSS and Python. A Stone River subscription is $29/month just on its own, so by the third month you’ll already be saving money. 

But that’s not the only subscription you get with this bundle. You’ll also receive unlimited lifetime access to the entire StackSkills catalog of over 1,000 courses. Like Stone River, StackSkills has a huge selection of classes dedicated to professional skill development, such as learning Excel or improving your interview techniques. It also covers plenty of creative skills and hobbies, such as a photography master class or advanced guitar fingerpicking.

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