Ford delivers its first E-Transit electric cargo vans to customers – Roadshow

Electric cargo vans are quickly becoming pretty big business with the likes of GM’s Brightdrop and Rivian getting in the game. But Ford isn’t content to let them have all the fun, so it came up with its E-Transit, and now, those vans are making their way to customers, according to an announcement made by Ford on Tuesday.

Of course, production is a bit limited right now at Ford’s Kansas City assembly plant, but the Blue Oval is already working to ramp that up, having already invested $100 million in the facility. The Kansas City plant is unique for the brand, too, in that it’s currently Ford’s only EV facility that makes both vehicles and their battery packs in-house.

According to Ford’s announcement, it’s already got orders for upwards of 10,000 E-Transits from around 300 commercial customers, which is pretty good given the cargo van’s limited 126 miles of range and not-insubstantial $48,880 base price (including a $1,695 destination fee). That price doesn’t account for any fleet discounts or tax incentives that buyers could be eligible for, though, so actual purchase prices may be lower.

The E-Transit can be outfitted with Ford’s Pro Power onboard generator as well as Ford Pro Charging, which gives commercial buyers a one-stop-shop situation to make switching their fleets to electric a lot simpler.

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