Tesla Filmed Hitting Object While Full-Self Driving Beta Was Being Tested

Many Tesla owners continue to do (unpaid) beta testing for the car manufacturer and this video shared online by a Tesla owner shows what can happen when the brand’s Full-Self Driving messes up.

You may have seen some videos of the automaker’s Full-Self Driving package in recent months. Many of them show the system getting confused at times and getting perilously close to being involved in an accident. This video actually shows the Tesla running into something, while it wasn’t a bad accident, it’s abundantly clear that the system has a long way to come before it gets anywhere close to true self-driving.

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During this clip, the YouTuber was putting his car through a ‘stress test’ on the city streets of San Jose. While Tesla’s driver assistant functions generally work well on highways, urban environments are much more difficult.

For the first few minutes of this test, the Tesla seemed to be performing quite well, even though it did make a turn through a red light without stopping. At the 3:25 mark, the EV makes a right-hand turn but appears to get confused by a row of green and white poles separating the road from the bicycle lane. Before the owner is able to take over control of the steering and slam on the brakes, the car hits one of the poles. The damage sustained to the front bumper of the Tesla isn’t significant but it did leave it with some paint damage.

The Tesla makes a few other mistakes during the video. At the 6:25 mark, for example, it starts to drive along a set of railroad tracks used by a trolley, confusing it with the road.

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