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Netflix’s historical hit Bridgerton is known for being pretty loose with historical accuracy, but this is something else. A new advert sees the show’s Queen Charlotte get a sneak peek at the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone a mere 200 years early.

The release date for Bridgerton’s season 2 is March 25. In the meantime, the Bridgerton advert was shown as part of Wednesday’s Samsung Unpacked event, where the company unveiled the S22. Samsung also recruited The Batman to advertise its new S8 Tab, tying in with the movie coming in March in which Robert Pattinson plays the Caped Crusader.

In the Bridgerton ad, the new S22 is shown off to the queen, played by Golda Rosheuvel, who haughtily appraises the device before launching into a spinning dance.

The ad also includes a sly dig at Apple, as one “Lord Mackintosh” presents his new invention (a raincoat) to an unimpressed Queen. You know, Mackintosh, like Apple Mac? Fun fact: This is another bit of questionable history, as the Mackintosh raincoat is in fact named after Scottish scientist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It was first sold in 1824, which to be fair is pretty close to when the show is set. 

The entry-level Samsung Galaxy S22 promises improved cameras, stronger glass and a better screen. Samsung also announced the Galaxy S22 Plus starting at $1,000 (£949), and the higher-spec Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra at $1,200 (£1,149).

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