Ford debuts Alan Mann Racing tribute GT for Chicago Auto Show – Roadshow

The red-and-gold livery of Alan Mann Racing looks brilliant on the latest Ford GT Heritage Edition.


Ford has been turning out select historically inspired examples of its slowly-being-phased-out GT supercar for a while now, and, without fail, they’ve all been super-attractive and generally desire-inducing vehicles. Now, according to an announcement made on Wednesday, they’re doing it again with an Alan Mann Racing tribute that will make its debut at the Chicago Auto Show.

For those who are not hopelessly obsessed with vintage motorsport, Alan Mann Racing was a British racing concern that eventually became a Ford factory-backed team. For the 1965 and 1966 Ford Le Mans effort, Alan Mann and his team created special light(er)weight bodies for the GT40 race car. Those prototypes didn’t win anything, but they looked great and inspired some changes to later GT40s that did take the overall win at Le Mans. Alan Mann Racing also built Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which is undeniably rad.

This tribute Ford GT takes Mann’s classic red-and-gold livery and adds a few modern touches, like exposed carbon fiber and matte “Frozen White” accents, to create an overall beautiful package.

The Ford GT still packs its 647 horsepower EcoBoost V6 and its all-carbon body with radical aerodynamics. It’s also still got its sophisticated suspension and lofty price tag, and we’ll be sad when Ford finally sends it off for good. Until then, though, we’ll happily continue to shamelessly ogle these heritage special edition cars.

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