Lotus Advanced Performance division will create bespoke cars, special editions – Roadshow

Lotus Advanced Performance division will create bespoke cars, special editions – Roadshow


Lotus is joining other high-end brands such as Bentley, McLaren and Rolls-Royce in creating a division specifically for one-off and limited-edition models. Called Lotus Advanced Performance, the new team is being led Simon Lane, who comes to Lotus from Aston Martin’s Q division.

Lotus Advanced Performance — let’s call it LAP — will have a broad range of projects it works on. So-called “halo projects” will be totally custom, coachbuilt offerings that are designed for specific customers. LAP will also create limited editions of its regular production models, as well as offer bespoke customization services for buyers who want specific, personalized colors and trims.

Also falling under LAP’s umbrella will be Lotus’ customer racing division, which revealed the Emira GT4 a few months ago, and the Lotus Driving Academy school, which provides on-track instruction. Other offerings from LAP will be tours of its factory in Hethel, England, and other “money can’t buy” experiences around the world, specially designed options for production cars, and of course lots of merch and accessories.

The announcement of LAP came along with the release of a teaser for what should be the division’s first halo project. While no details were given, the image, above, shows the rear end of a modern car that looks to take inspiration from Formula 1 and Can-Am race cars of the 1960s and ’70s. It’s got a massive wing, fat rear tires, dual exhaust tips and what look like big chrome headers. With the Emira sports car and electric Evija hypercar both entering production in the next couple months and a host of fully electric sports cars and SUVs coming in the near future, we should be seeing the first fruits of Lotus Advanced Performance’s labor very soon.

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