McLaren 720S Looks Bizarre With Senna GTR Bodykit And Taco Bell Branding

If you’re a McLaren purist and hate seeing owners mess with the British automaker’s creations then this could be your worst nightmare.

Images of this 720S were recently shared to Reddit after it was spotted in a parking lot somewhere in the U.S. It has undergone so many modifications that you could be excused for thinking it was in fact a limited-run Senna.

There’s a good reason for this. In May last year, a little-known tuner by the name of DarwinPRO Aerodynamics unveiled a bodykit for the 720S that takes inspiration from the track-only Senna GTR. This is our first time seeing a 720S in the wild actually fitted with this bodykit and regardless of whether you like it or not, it is hard to deny that it is striking.

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Photo Reddit / Truehye801

Found at the front is a Senna GTR-inspired carbon fiber hood and an altered front bumper with a carbon splitter and carbon canards. The bodykit also includes carbon fiber air louvers on the front fenders. The changes extends along the sides with new skirts and comes to a crescendo at the rear where there is a towering wing with swan-neck uprights and carbon side panels, as well as a new diffuser.

While the bodykit alone is more than enough to transform the 720S, the owner of this McLaren obviously wanted more. As such, it has been fitted with a set of bright pink wheels and has a Taco Bell-themed wrap made up of matte purple elements and accented by areas of yellow and pink. We have no idea if the owner is simply a fan of Taco Bell or is somehow affiliated with the chain restaurant but whatever the case may be, they clearly like a good burrito.

Photo Reddit / Truehye801

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