Samsung Galaxy S22 series production plan hints at Ultra high hopes

Samsung Galaxy S22 series production plan hints at Ultra high hopes

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  • Samsung is planning a much better sales run for the Galaxy S22 series.
  • The company will reportedly have enough components initially for around 30 million devices.
  • The bulk of production is slanted towards the base model and the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

We’re just a few hours away from the Samsung Galaxy S22 series debut. Thanks to leaks, there’s seemingly very little we don’t know about the flagships. However, a new report has shed some light on how successful Samsung believes the product line could be.

Per Korean outlet The Elec, Samsung reportedly aims to produce enough components initially for around 30 million Galaxy S22 series devices. This, the outlet suggests, is a 20% increase over last year’s targets for the Galaxy S21 series.

The outgoing flagships have left an ugly mark on Samsung’s sales record. Although it expected lower-than-usual sales during the pandemic, Samsung reportedly shipped 20% fewer Galaxy S21 models than the S20 series and 47% fewer than the Galaxy S10 line in its first six months.

Samsung banking on the Galaxy S22 Ultra

As with earlier reports, it’s believed that Samsung will lean heavily on the base and cheaper Galaxy S22 model, although a little less than initially thought. The publication claims Samsung intends to produce 12 million (40% production share) of these devices, with a target of eight million (26.6%) reserved for the Galaxy S22 Plus. Previous reports cited a 50-60% production target for the base S22.

Interestingly, Samsung reportedly expects the Galaxy S22 Ultra to be a bigger hit than usual, with ten million (33.3%) of these models slated for production. Presumably, the company is banking on Galaxy Note stalwarts upgrading to the range-topper. That’s in stark contrast to last year when it was believed the Galaxy S21 Ultra accounted for just 10-15% of the 26 million devices produced.

It’s unclear if the Galaxy S22 series will suffer from the same dull sales performance as its predecessor. But as the world slowly emerges from the economic strains of the pandemic, perhaps 2022 could be a brighter year for the company. Pricing will be a crucial factor, but as the Galaxy S21 series proved a cut-price strategy doesn’t always guarantee sales success.

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