Volvo’s New App Lets You Scan Parked Cars With Your Phone To See Their Specs

Volvo’s New App Lets You Scan Parked Cars With Your Phone To See Their Specs

Auto shows have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have managed to open their doors as promised, but others, like Geneva, New York and CES have been forced to postpone the events, often multiple times.

This year’s Brussels Motor Show in Belgium was another casualty. Originally planned for January 2022, the decision was taken in late 2021 to move it to 2023. But Volvo decided it still wanted to get some Belgian eyeballs on its latest cars and came up with a novel solution.

Called the “Volvo Street Configurator”, it’s a smartphone app that the company claims can “turn the streets into one giant showroom.” When you snap a pic of a parked Volvo the app uses AI to compared the photograph with a huge database of information on possible Volvo spec combinations to determine the model, color and trim.

“The cancellation of the Brussels Motorshow was a commercial challenge, but this tool turns out to be a great solution that also fits perfectly into the evolution we are making towards online sales,” said Collin Vermoesen, Volvo’s commercial marketing and business manager for the region.

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“The ‘Volvo Street Configurator’ is a great example of how creative thinking combined with technology can solve a business problem,” added Peter Ampe, creative partner at Famous Grey, the agency behind the app. “Since we launched the application, I have become aware of every Volvo in the street. I hope it has the same effect on the consumer.”

Though the app is currently only being promoted by Volvo in Belgium, a Volvo source in the UK told us it could be expanded to other regions. But trim and spec differences between those markets means the existing app couldn’t necessarily be rolled out worldwide without some updating. We have a feeling this won’t end with Volvo, though. Don’t bet against other auto makers spotting this great idea and working up a similar system.

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