Here’s the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Spot the difference

Here’s the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Spot the difference

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra front on table

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

To be clear, the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t look a bit like Galaxy Notes from over the years. In reality, it looks almost exactly like the last Galaxy Note to hit the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Just how close are the two devices when it comes to overall design? Well, we have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and took some side-by-side pics for you to see for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Right away, the most notable difference between the two phones is the camera module. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra does have a similar setup with a 108MP main sensor, an ultrawide lens, a periscope telephoto lens, and laser autofocus. However, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra borrows most of its setup from the Galaxy S21 Ultra, so it adds in a second non-periscope telephoto. The module itself is also very different, with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s massive bump turned into a more subdued format of each lens having its own spot.

However, the designs of the phones outside of the module are incredibly similar. The boxy shapes of each device are dead ringers for one another. The button placement is the same and the S Pen slots are in the same spots.

Outside of the camera module, the two phones are dead ringers for one another.

On the front, things are equally similar. The displays are pretty much the same as far as looks go, although the Galaxy S22 Ultra does have a wider adaptive refresh rate that jumps from 1Hz to 120Hz. The resolutions are the same and the aspect ratios are nearly identical.

Obviously, it’s easy to tell Samsung looked to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra when designing the Galaxy S22 Ultra. These images, however, show that Samsung didn’t really change all that much outside of the camera module. It’s possible this was the abandoned design for the never-launched Galaxy S21 Ultra all along, and Samsung just re-used those plans.

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