Ryan Tuerck’s Judd V10-Powered Toyota Supra Could Become The Ultimate Drift Car

The lengthy build process for Ryan Tuerck’s new drift weapon wrapped up late last year and has resulted in one of the most remarkable builds ever conceived.

The A90-generation Toyota Supra has proven to be quite popular among professional drifters since its unveiling. We have seen a handful of examples equipped with the previous-generation model’s 2JZ engine but Tuerck’s Supra takes things to an entirely different level by using a Judd GV4 V10 engine that was used in the Sports Racing World Cup throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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This engine displaces 4.0-liters, is naturally aspirated, and perhaps most important of all, revs all the way to 11,000 rpm. It is also exceptionally light, tipping the scales at just 145 kg (320 lbs).

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Fitting this V10 into the engine bay of the Supra obviously took a lot of work and when unleashed on the dyno, the cacophony that it produces is truly incredible. This Supra legitimately sounds like a V10-powered Formula 1 car but is arguably even cooler because it has side-exiting exhausts and the engine is coupled to a sequential transmission. The V10 is said to be good for around 730 hp, although the dyno video below doesn’t show precisely how much horsepower and torque the car is sending through its rear wheels.

Various other upgrades other than the powertrain differentiate this Supra drift car from normal road-going models. For example, it is bathed in all-new lightweight carbon fiber bodywork and has a bespoke suspension setup that allows Tuerck to apply insane amounts of steering lock when powersliding the car through corners.

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