YouTube TV on iPhone Will Soon Gain Support for Picture-in-Picture

YouTube TV on iPhone Will Soon Gain Support for Picture-in-Picture

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For a little over a year, YouTube users have been able to use picture-in-picture mode (PIP) on their iPhones, but the feature was missing from YouTube TV all this while. This could change soon with an update that would bring PIP to YouTube TV users on iPhone.

The Verge reports that PIP support on YouTube TV for iPhone should arrive in the next few months. The feature is available on Android, but support in the iPhone app is long overdue. YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan confirms the rollout would be gradual. However, the exact date for it couldn’t be shared.

Mohan remarks that YouTube TV could improve on the features front in the next six months. He attributes the sluggish updates to poor software support. For instance, surround sound announced for YouTube TV last summer is available only on a handful of devices today. Even Google’s new Chromecast devices based on Google TV don’t support surround sound on the YouTube TV app yet.

Mohan notes the surround sound feature rollout was slower than he would have liked, but he remains hopeful it would reach more devices in around six months.

The executive also confirmed that YouTube TV’s iPhone app would soon get a new feature that shows additional data in the landscape mode. Currently, YouTube TV shows information related to the content you’re watching only in portrait mode. the platform is set to get a “tray of controls” as an overlay for the video in landscape mode in a forthcoming update. It will contain the share, like, dislike buttons, etc. According to Mohan, these changes are already making their way to the main YouTube app.

Would you enjoy using PIP for YouTube TV? Please tell us what you think of the upcoming changes in the comments section.

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