Tesla Loses Control On Ice, Smashes Into And Flips Over Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck

Tesla Loses Control On Ice, Smashes Into And Flips Over Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck

A Tesla and a Hyundai Santa Cruz were both badly damaged during a serious crash in Cincinnati earlier this month. Dashcam footage shared online shows the accident, although you will have to look well into the distance to see it.

In the video, the driver of the red Tesla that appears to be a Model 3 can be seen traveling in the fast lane and appears to gently veer to the left of the lane where there is a bank of built-up snow. It appears this small error was enough to cause the Tesla to lose traction.

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The Model 3 then suddenly spears off to the right, cutting directly in front of a large pickup truck and coming very close to hitting it. As the Tesla continues to slide to the right, it slams directly into the side of a new Hyundai Santa Cruz. The force of this impact sends the Hyundai into the snow bank and concrete barrier on the right side of the road. It proceeds to roll over before coming to a rest on its wheels.

The Tesla meanwhile bounced off the Santa Cruz and then shot across to the left of the road, once again almost hitting the second pickup. It smashes into the concrete barrier and itself comes close to flipping over also.

The video cuts out just a few seconds after the crash so it’s unclear if any of the occupants were injured and just how much damage was sustained to the Tesla and Hyundai. With that being said, we hope everyone got out without injuries, although it is safe to assume that both cars will be written off by their insurers.

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