Google’s interactive 3D Valentine’s Day puzzle features adorable hamsters – CNET


Sometimes making that love connection can a bit of a test, but If you believe love can sometimes be a game and that distance makes the heart grow fonder, then Google has an interactive 3D puzzle for Valentine’s Day featuring two adorable hamsters that you will love.

Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love, and Monday’s Doodle puts you in the position of having to reunite two lovelorn hamsters. After a brief overture, the hamsters have been retreated to opposite sides of the Doodle, which is constructed of disjointed habitrail tubes.

Using the controls below the Doodle, you can position the sections to better align with the tubes, at which time they change color to match the section they fit into. The control panel will then rotate to produce a single heart button that allows the hamsters to journey back to their love nest and be together again.

After all, being together with the one you love is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

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