Pokemon Go Sets Its Next Three Community Days – CNET

Pokemon Go Sets Its Next Three Community Days – CNET


Pokemon Go‘s February Community Day has ended, but the game’s next three events have already been dated.

The March, April and May Community Days will take place on the following dates:

  • March 13 (Sunday)
  • April 23 (Saturday)
  • May 21 (Saturday)

No other details have been announced as of yet, so it remains to be seen which Pokemon and in-game bonuses will be featured during each event. Hoppip was the star of the most recent Community Day, while two Community Days took place in January featuring Spheal and Bulbasaur, respectively.

In the meantime, Pokemon Go’s Valentine’s Day celebration is underway until 8 p.m. local time today, Feb. 14. The event introduced the fairy-type Pokemon Flabébé and its evolved forms to the game.

Later this month, Pokemon Go is holding a big Johto Tour event celebrating the original Pokemon Gold and Silver games. Players who purchase a virtual ticket will be able to choose between Gold or Silver versions of the event, with some different Pokemon appearing depending which version you pick.

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