Some official OnePlus Nord CE 2 images and specs revealed

Some official OnePlus Nord CE 2 images and specs revealed

OnePlus Nord CE 2 Official Image 1


  • OnePlus officially revealed some images and specs of the OnePlus Nord CE 2.
  • The phone lacks the OnePlus alert slider and borrows some design elements of Oppo phones.
  • OnePlus also confirmed battery, charging, and storage specs.

The first thing you’ll notice is it lacks the traditional OnePlus hardware alert slider. Obviously, this feature did not appear on the original OnePlus Nord CE either (the “CE” stands for “Core Edition”). If you were hoping OnePlus would change things up this time around, it doesn’t appear that way.

The OnePlus Nord CE 2 also comes in a new colorway: Bahama Blue. OnePlus explains the color’s creation in its usual over-the-top and borderline-pretentious manner:

When designing colors for the OnePlus Nord CE 2, the product team wanted to evolve its blue colorway and did this by adopting a brighter and bolder blue than the original OnePlus Nord CE’s Blue Void. The OnePlus Nord CE 2’s Bahama Blue colorway exhibits a multi-directional gradient of blue and yellow that blend together beautifully.

Anyway, the phone will also come in a more neutral variant known as Grey Mirror. OnePlus didn’t show that one off, though.

OnePlus Nord CE 2 specs

OnePlus Nord CE 2 Official Image 2

Outside of the way the phone looks, OnePlus also shared some internal specs features of the new Nord.

The Nord CE 2 will have a 4,5000mAh battery inside. Using the SuperVOOC standard from Oppo, you’ll be able to charge the device at 65W speeds using the in-box charger and cable. That’s a speed twice as fast as what we saw on the original Nord CE.

OnePlus also confirmed the phone will support microSD cards. The capacity limit will be 1TB. However, the company did not divulge what the internal storage capacity options would be, although a safe bet is 128GB and 256GB offerings.

As usual with the Nord line, don’t expect the OnePlus Nord CE 2 to land in the United States. OnePlus didn’t outright confirm this, though, so we guess there’s still hope.

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