Grubhub Rolls Out Grubhub Goods Convenience Delivery Nationwide – CNET

Grubhub Rolls Out Grubhub Goods Convenience Delivery Nationwide – CNET


Grubhub is collaborating with 7-Eleven to bring snacks to your door.

Josh Miller/CNET

Grubhub is expanding its Grubhub Goods convenience item delivery service nationwide, the food delivery company announced in a press release on Tuesday. The expansion is in collaboration with 7-Eleven and comes after a pilot of the concept in New York.

With more than 3,000 Grubhub Goods locations throughout the US, Grubhub customers across the country now have on-demand access to 7-Eleven convenience items like drinks, snacks, ice cream and personal care items. With this move, Gruhub is hoping to have its convenience delivery service and its food delivery service play off one another to help generate more orders overall.

“Diners have come to expect more choices when they land on Grubhub, including convenience options, which we see as a natural extension of our marketplace and a way to bring more value to the entire Grubhub ecosystem,” said Kyle Goings, Grubhub’s director of growth and new verticals, in a statement. 

Grubhub is one of many food delivery services available in the US, all of which saw a boost during the pandemic. With Grubhub rolling out its convenience delivery service across the nation — following similar moves by DoorDash and Uber Eats — it’s an indication that the big players want to expand their scope and continue to be a regular part of people’s lives. 

As part of Grubhub’s partnership with 7-Eleven to bring its convenience delivery service nationwide, Grubhub is offering 50% off on orders of $15 or more.

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