Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ Teams Up With Firefox to Celebrate Kids and Their Big Feelings – CNET

Firefox Turning Red

The Turning Red-themed choices to decorate your Firefox browser.


Firefox is kicking off a partnership with Pixar for the studio’s upcoming animated feature film, Turning Red, to create an online space for people to “celebrate their authentic selves.” Firefox’s True Colors campaign kicks off Feb. 15 and lets you pick from several different color schemes based on the movie to change the look of your desktop browser.

You can pick from orange for main character Mei Lee, who turns into a red panda whenever she’s feeling a strong emotion; red for her panda self; green for Miriam; yellow for Priya; purple for Abby; and blue for Ming Lee, Mei Lee’s mom.

The True Colors landing page will showcase original animations by Asian-American illustrator Helen Li, and feature a boy band name generator, interactive stickers, a panda dance party and a do-not-push button.

There will also be a collection of articles about how to help kids manage big feelings, like Mei Lee learns in Turning Red.

As part of the Firefox-Disney-Pixar partnership, you can win a month of streaming service Disney Plus for free. 500 winners will be randomly selected from Tuesday until March 11.

True Colors will remain on Firefox desktop browsers until April 30. 

Pixar’s Turning Red is skipping theaters and heading straight to Disney Plus, where it’ll stream for free from March 11.

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