Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Last Chance to Get Manaphy – CNET

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Last Chance to Get Manaphy – CNET


You can’t get the mythical Pokemon Manaphy any other way besides as an early purchase bonus.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are now available for Nintendo Switch, and there’s an extra in-game bonus for early adopters. Everyone who purchases a physical or digital copy of either remake before Feb. 21 can receive a free egg that hatches into Manaphy — a water-type mythical Pokemon that’s otherwise unobtainable in the games. Here’s how to claim it.

How to get a free Manaphy egg

The Manaphy egg is being distributed via Mystery Gift, a function that you can unlock in Jubilife City (approximately two hours into the adventure). Once you’ve unlocked the feature, follow these steps to download the egg:

  • Select Mystery Gift from the menu
  • Select Get via internet
  • Follow the prompt to connect online
  • Select the Manaphy egg from the list of gifts to download it

After claiming the egg, you’ll need to walk a certain number of steps in the game with it in your party in order for Manaphy to hatch. If you then leave Manaphy together with a Ditto at the Pokemon Nursery in Solaceon Town, it will produce an egg that hatches into Phione — another rare Pokemon that you otherwise can’t get in the games.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl launched for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 19. The pair are remakes of the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions for the Nintendo DS, featuring updated visuals and other gameplay enhancements

In addition to the Manaphy egg, everyone who purchases a copy before Feb. 21 can receive trainer outfits based on the ones from Pokemon Platinum. Players who have save data for other Pokemon games on their console can also claim a free Jirachi and Mew.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were followed by a new Pokemon adventure titled Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which launched for Nintendo Switch on Jan. 28. It, too, has an early purchase bonus. Everyone who picks up the game before May 9 can receive a Hisuian Growlithe kimono outfit and Baneful Fox mask for their player character.

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