Snag a Reliable UPS for Up to 34% Off and Never Lose Your Progress Again – CNET

Snag a Reliable UPS for Up to 34% Off and Never Lose Your Progress Again – CNET


Battery backup systems are essential to more and more people, whether you just want the added peace of mind or you’re a pragmatist looking to cover your bases. Maybe you’ve experienced the nightmare of you or someone else tripping over a cord, or you live somewhere where inclement weather has had you swearing because the power went out when you didn’t save your progress in over an hour. Most of us have been there at one time or another. And that’s where a UPS comes in handy. An uninterrupted power supply holds enough charge to handle a sudden situation for you, with the added security of surge protection built right in. Save up to 34% off CyberPower UPS battery backup systems at Woot now through Feb. 21.

Being backed up by a battery means your uninterrupted power supply will carry on in those moments where the wall socket can’t supply you with what you need to keep your work or game console going. Whether you’re doing a high-stress project, in the middle of a show or kicking back for some game time on the big screen, you don’t have to fret. When power is interrupted, these battery backup systems pick up where the influx leaves off, holding enough of a charge to get your work saved or done. 

Take advantage of big savings on a CyberPower UPS today so that you can keep your internet connection, computers, consoles, entertainment devices and more in tip-top working order to power you through when life gets messy.

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