Jeep Will Discontinue All Pure-ICE Models In Europe This Year (Aside From Italy)

Jeep’s entire European lineup is already electrified but the Stellantis brand will take a step forward in 2022 by discontinuing all of the pure-ICE variants of its models in Europe, with the exception of Italy. This means that Jeep will only offer mild-hybrid (E-Hybrid), plug-in hybrid (4xe), and in the near future, fully electric models to European customers in a quest for lower emissions.

As reported by Autocar, Jeep’s CEO, Christian Meunier, said: “We are accelerating electrification, amplifying 4×4 capability and the spirit of freedom with electrification. It’s not only about being more green. It’s about emphasizing and improving the capabilities of our Jeeps – making them more fun, exciting, sustainable, and being able to drive off-road quietly.”

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The EU-spec Grand Cherokee that was announced today exclusively in plug-in hybrid form, is the fourth 4xe model in Jeep’s lineup following the Renegade, the Compass, and the Wrangler. The latter also went PHEV-only in Europe this year, ditching the petrol and diesel variants.

Furthermore, Jeep introduced the E-Hybrid variants of the Renegade and the Compass last month. Those models, featuring a 1.5-liter engine with 48Volt mild-hybrid technology will eventually replace the soon-to-be discontinued petrol and diesel options.

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Jeep wants electrified models to account for 70 percent of its worldwide sales by 2025. Thus, it is preparing to launch a range of EVs covering all major SUV segments by that date. Stellantis has confirmed that the first fully electric Jeep will be unveiled in 2023.

In line with the rumors about Jeep’s possible expansion to new segments with the addition of a smaller fully electric SUV, the CEO said “we’re not completely expanded to 100% and we still have a few bullets in our pocket” adding that Jeep will be covering “the entire range of SUVs, true SUVs, not raised hatchbacks”.

Last year, Jeep previewed Wrangler EV with the Magneto concept. While this is still a priority for the automaker, the CEO said “there will be a few BEVs before the Wrangler” stating that the order doesn’t really matter.

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