Rumor: iPhone 14 Pro Could Feature 8GB RAM

iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

A new leak claims that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 Pro series will feature 8GB RAM — up from 6GB found on the iPhone 13 Pro series. Apple has always been reserved in terms of RAM on the iPhones, but it could seemingly change this year.

Citing an unverified source, Korean blog Naver claims Apple has finalized the memory components for the iPhone 14 Pro series. Going by previous iPhone launches, Apple typically bumps the RAM once every two years. The last time it bumped the RAM was with the launch of the iPhone 12 Pro series in 2020, with the iPhone 13 Pro series continuing with the same amount of RAM. Thus, it won’t be surprising if the iPhone 14 Pro series ships with 8GB RAM. This is also not the first time rumors of the 2022 iPhones featuring 8GB RAM have popped up.

For comparison, most Android flagships ship with 8-12GB RAM, though they are not better at multitasking than the iPhones.

Apple typically tends to offer higher RAM on the Pro iPhone models — the iPhone 13 series features 4GB RAM vs. 6GB on the Pro models. Nonetheless, the non-Pro iPhone 14 models should still at least ship with 6GB RAM. While Apple has always been stingy in adding RAM on iPhones, it has been very generous with it on the iPad Pro lineup. The 2020 iPad Pro shipped with 6GB RAM, while the 2021 M1 lineup ships with as much as 16GB RAM.

The additional RAM on the iPhone 14 Pro series should allow them to offer better multi-tasking and keep apps in memory for a longer period of time. The extra RAM could also help Apple offer new AR-related features on the 2022 iPhones.

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