Apple Store Workers May Unionize, Report Says – CNET


Workers at some Apple Stores may be preparing to unionize.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple Store employees at locations across the US are taking steps toward unionization, The Washington Post reported Friday. It’s apparently a result of hourly worker wages stagnating below the rate of inflation.

Workers from at least two stores are close to filing paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board, the Post noted, and at least six other locations are making moves to unionize. The company has more than 270 retail stores in the US.

The reported unionization push comes less than a month after Apple reported its strongest sales ever, with iPhone sales for the last quarter rising more than 9% from the previous year, to $71.6 billion. The company’s overall revenue rose to $123.94 billion. 

It also coincides with Amazon warehouse workers voting in union elections in Alabama and New York, with decisions expected in March. Currently, no US Amazon warehouses are unionized.

Neither Apple nor the NLRB immediately responded to requests for comment.

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