Snack On All Your Godiva Favorites for Up to 30% Off – CNET

Photos by Godiva Chocolate/Composite by Robin Mosley/CNET

Do you know what’s wonderful about post-holiday sales? The savings. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, Godiva’s chocolate deals are worth taking a look at. And right now, Godiva is offering up to 30% off select items.  

Here’s the reason why you want you’ll want to sink your teeth into this candy: quantity. You already know that Godiva has good chocolate, so if you’re a chocoholic like myself (or know someone who is) this is a great deal. There’s an assorted chocolate gold gift box with 36 pieces. You can also grab a 22-piece, the 19-piece or any of the other options available. For the price, quality and amount, this chocolate deal will be more than enough to snack on for days.

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