Get a Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smartwatch for $39 – CNET

Get a Virmee Tempo VT3 Plus Smartwatch for $39 – CNET


This inexpensive smartwatch isn’t an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, but it doesn’t have to be — it still can give you all the health and wellness tracking you need. If you want to try a smartwatch that won’t break the bank or that will introduce you to the world of sleep and fitness tracking, you can get this one for $39 at Morningsave and $40 at Walmart.

I’ve always been a fan of smartwatches, but I’ve never been able to justify the price of a high-end one. So when I was given the option to test this one, I jumped at the chance. There is a lot to like about this watch, but before I get to that, the only gripe I have with this one is the learning curve on how to use it. Make sure you read the instructions and play around with it.

That said, this smartwatch is impressive for $39. It has a 321 pixel-per-inch, 1.5-inch touchscreen. Its IP68 rating means it’s waterproof. It’s pleasing to the eye when you use it and it’s extremely responsive.

When you connect this smartwatch to its app, which is available for Android and iPhone, it tracks health information including your blood oxygen level, heart rate, sleep and other metrics. My favorite feature was that I could use it for workouts and monitor my steps when I wandered around my neighborhood when I wanted low-impact exercise. And, if you want to check your email and messages without looking at your phone, you can do that too. It was so good that my husband snatched it for himself and now wears it to work every day. 

Grab this watch for yourself, as a gift for someone else or even a young child, especially if you have a tight budget.

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