Pepsi Unveils Nitro Pepsi, Nitrogen-Infused Cola – CNET

Pepsi Unveils Nitro Pepsi, Nitrogen-Infused Cola – CNET

Nitro Pepsi

Available next month, Nitro Pepsi substitutes nitrogen for the carbon dioxide usually found in colas.


No, that’s not a pint of Guinness: Pepsi is getting ready to roll out Nitro Pepsi, a cola infused with nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide. The result is a creamy texture and a frothy, foam head, Pepsi said.

Hitting store shelves on March 28., Nitro Pepsi will be available in draft cola and vanilla draft cola flavors, in both single-serve and four-pack varieties.

The soda is best served without ice or a straw, allowing the drinker to sip from the foam head directly and get a “frothy, foamy mustache,” according to statement. The company also recommends a “hard pour” by fully inverting the can over a glass.

To enable Nitro Pepsi to achieve its silky draft-like texture, its pressurized can has been designed with a widget at the bottom, similar to the little plastic ball found in a can of Guinness. The goal, said Pepsi Vice President of Marketing Todd Kaplan in a statement, is to attract consumers turned off by “heavy carbonation.” 

“Much like how nitrogen has transformed the beer and coffee categories, we believe Nitro Pepsi is a huge leap forward for the cola category and will redefine cola for years to come,” Kaplan said.

Curious soft-drink fans can get their first taste of Nitro Pepsi on tap March 25 at the Sky Lounge at High Roller, a 550-foot (168 meter) Ferris wheel on the Las Vegas Strip.

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